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Willard Community Center

Early Childhood Programs


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Pre-K Rates

Registration Fee

Each family must pay a registration fee of $45 before starting the program.


Full-time Preschool

 $192 per week, regardless of the number of days attended.  If your child does not attend for an entire week, there will be no charge.


Part-time Rates

$267 per month. (September through May)

$133.50 (August Only)

Extended care: If your child attends Full-days and is part-time, you will be charged additional tuition. Two days or less is $32.00 per day. Three or more Full-days in one week, you will be charged an additional $75.00.

PART-TIME: Child also attends LPS Preschool

This program is available Monday through Friday. We will work with LPS preschool class times. Parents will need to contact LPS transportation to arrange transport to Willard before or after their child's class through the school. If your child attends the afternoon session at LPS, your child must arrive with a sack lunch each day. Additional hours are available for a different rate of $32 per day attended. Children must be potty trained before registering.


How to make a payment

  1. Checks or money orders for payment need to be made out to “Willard Community Center.” Cash is also accepted.
  2. PayPal payments are also accepted through the website. www.willardcommunitycenter.org
  3. Payments may be made using Venmo. QR code is available on the website. www.willardcommunitycenter.org
  4. August is the only prorated month and is half the monthly rate.
  5. Brightwheel: Willard Community Center utilizes the childcare software application called Brightwheel. When you sign up your child in any Willard programs, your child/children are added to our system. Parents/guardians will be added via their email addresses and phone numbers. Notifications to parents will be made through the Brightwheel app. Charges to your child's account will be made through the app, and payments can be made through Brightwheel to automatically withdraw from your banking account (PayPal, Venmo, cash, and checks are still accepted). If more than one child attends a Willard program, each child will have separate accounts.

Late Payment Policy:

Delinquent accounts will be provided notice of deficiency. Accounts remaining delinquent more than four weeks without Executive Director (or Board approval as required) will be turned over to collections at the Board of Director's discretion. In recognition of our organization’s mission, the Board of Directors has authorized the Executive Director or her appointee to approve individualized payment plans for families in rare instances of financial distress or emergencies. Any family may request a temporary exception to the policy in writing, which should detail the reason(s) for the exception and the proposed payment plan. The Executive Director or appointee may only approve deviations up to a maximum of $500.00 carrying balance per family. All families with a balance at the end of the month will be reported to the Board of Directors. Any family exceeding $500.00 will require the Board of Directors written approval. Accounts remaining unsettled will receive monthly notification of delinquency. Delinquent accounts appearing uncollectable may be turned over to collections, resulting in additional legal and financial consequences.


***Payment amounts may change at any time by the Board of Directors. Should there be any changes, Willard's administration will notify parents using the Brightwheel software application to include the effective date and newest rates.


***Title Twenty offered, contact the Department of Health & Human Services at 402-323-7455 and use our Willard child care provider number 33669472 to help you through the process.  Please make sure your child is approved for days and hours.