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Parent Communication

On November 12, 2013 the staff’s objective for the evening was exploring new ways to communicate to parents and the best way to do so.  When staff arrived the following quote was on their table “communication is _____________________; it is __________________.”  

The staff was asked to fill in the blanks with their thoughts and feelings.  Here are a few of what they said:
• Communication is more than talking; it is listening.
• Communication is more than speaking/talking; it is building relationships and understanding another’s point of view & respecting their opinions.
• Communication is more than hearing; it is listening and understanding.
• Communication is talking to one another; it is body language and eye contact.

We decided to have this particular topic for instruction to help staff know how to properly respond and engage parents and communicate through more than just words.  

Our next activity, staff were given different scenarios and asked the wrong way to handle the situations and the appropriate way.  The staff role played the various situations.

At the end of the staff meeting, each person was given a key and asked to write down one word or short phrase of why it is important to have a positive communicating relationship to parents.  We went around the room and posted our keys on a “KEYS to Having a Positive Relationship with Parents” poster.  Some of their words included:
• Family
• Trust
• Consistency
• Positivity
• Respect
• Connection

Do you have any tips or comments you would like to leave the staff?

Parent Communication

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