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Team Building Workshop

The staff gathered on October 30, 2013 to learn more about Team Building.  To start the evening off, staff were asked to design a logo or slogan on a t-shirt that promotes teambuilding.  We have some creative staff!  Make sure to look through the slide show and check them out!  

Just a few of the ideas were:
• Communication, Positive Vibes & Working Together
• A picture of team puzzle pieces fitting together
• Separately Unique, Together Complete
• 1 Team 1 Mission
• Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The group was then asked, “Who is all part of the team in a child care setting?”  The staff  talked in a group and decided some of the post important team players in a school setting are the following:
• Each staff member
• Kids in the program
• Teachers
• The principal
• Parents

So what does being a team player look like?  The staff was asked that same question and asked to make a graffiti board as a group to show what a team looks like to them.  Each group had a different, unique perspective.

At the end of the night, staff was asked to write down some goals on how to build a better team at their sites.  When asked if anyone wanted to share, many agreed better communication is key to having a successful team.

Make sure to look through our slideshow to see the staff working together!