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Willard Community Center

Teen Program


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5273e471cff7bTeens on their way to school in the Willard Van.
Teens arriving to school safely and on time.
Teens on their way to school in the Willard Van.

This program is not available for the 2017-18 School Year due to our building renovation and expansion.  Look for this program again for the 2018-19 School Year.

Teen Before and After School Program for Park Middle School Students

(Provided by support from Lincoln Lancaster United Way and the Kenny Gardner Memorial Golf Tournament)

United Way has supported programs and has worked cooperatively with the Willard Community Center in this community for the last 33 years.  For the last nine years the Kenny Gardner Memorial "It Was Fun" Golf Tournament has provided scholarship funding so that every teen in the neighborhood is welcome to participate in this program.   Together we have helped countless numbers of teens and their families in the West "A" Area.  We are able to provide the services that are essential for the success of youth in our community.  In this neighborhood Willard is the only safe place for teens to go before and after school, in the evenings, and during the summer.  It is the place to go to just hang out, get help with school, and build lasting relationships with friends and caring adults.  

Our licensed Before and After School Teen Program provided for Park Middle School students starts at 6:30 in the morning.  Teens come to a caring environment where they get a snack and a safe, reliable ride to school. Parents can go on to work and not worry about whether their teen made it to school on time or if they had a safe walk to school.   

After school the staff pick up the teens and bring them back to Willard for a snack, homework help, supervision in fun activities and volunteer opportunities until their parents pick them up or they walk home.  Staff go back to Park School at 4 and 4:30 p.m. to pick up any teens that have stayed after school for a teacher, club meeting or sports practice.  If a teenager does not show up for our program parents are called to find out the whereabouts of their teen.

The main goals for the before and after school program are;

1.)  To provide safe and reliable rides to and from school.
• Willard is located in a railroad neighborhood.  To get to Park Middle School the teens would have to cross 2 sets of railroad tracks and South Salt Creek.

2.)  To provide homework help and develop positive study habits.
• Willard teens are required to do a mandatory homework time every day with staff and volunteers ready to help with any school subject.  We help them to check their pinnacle grade reports for missing assignments and email teachers.  We work closely with parents to make sure that students are keeping up with assignments and getting good grades.  Scholastic achievement is  a high priority for our youth.
• 100% of our participants will advance to the next grade level.
• 100% maintained an A average or improved academic performance.
• As a group we have maintained an 87% GPA or a B average for the year.  

3.)  To provide positive adult role models and mentors.
• Many of the Willard staff are college students who want to be teachers.  They are trained and have met all requirements to work in our licensed program.  They are dedicated to helping teens achieve good grades, graduate from high school and encourage them to attend college.  Many of the staff that work in the programs at Willard actually "grew up" at Willard. The staff are vested in the program and they want to give back to others who remind them of themselves at that age.
• Currently we have 39 WCC staff, ten of those staff participated in Willard Programs. 25%
• 50% of teens in the teen before and after school program participating in one of Willard's preschool or elementary school programs.

4.)  To provide supervision in a safe and structured environment.
• Willard provides staff in the building until 8:30 in the evening M-F.  We plan lots of activities for the teens to participate in.  Activities include; pool tournaments, video games, foosball, cooking club, arts and crafts club, outdoor sports, group games, holiday parties and field trips.    
• One teenager was overheard asking her mother if she could participate in the Willard Activities.  She said, "Mom, Willard is my only opportunity!!!"

5.)  To provide opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community in which they live.  
• Willard teens do a community service project every month.  The most successful projects were a book drive, ringing bells for Salvation Army, and participating in the neighborhood clean-up.
• Willard is also the place where teens can do volunteer hours for school or diversion services.   

We have a close relationship with the teens, their parents and the community.  With programs like the Willard Community Center Teen Before and After School Program we can meet our mission: To help area residents grow, connect and contribute to our community.